Seminary Advantage

 Making Disciples Equipped for Ministry and Planting New Churches

Seminary Advantage (SA) was developed to partner with the local church to offer them the ability to host an independent training center to train up and equip believers to become effective disciples and new church planters. Through this 1yr comprehensive program, SA provides accessible, affordable, and practical theological education and training to equip the average believer to become an effective disciple, empower to train and teach others. (What we do and why we do it. Click Here)

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essential is a three course study including Hermeneutics, Homiletics and Discipleship Training. By offering the essential as an alternative to those individuals that may not be ready to enroll in the complete SA Course we can still offer an essential foundation of ministry training for anyone serving in a ministry roll. 

Reasons Why Seminary Advantage?

Its time to stop pretending!   
Its time to equip the saint!
Making converts is not enough!

Get Equipped!    Get Empowered!    Get Involved!

SA Discipleship Training Curriculum

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Seminary Advantage is providing a dynamic one year Biblical Training Discipleship Program to develop believers into fully devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. By equipping the saint to do the work of the ministry, SA intends to develop the ordinary believer into an effective minister to aid the local church leadership in reaching their communities with the Gospel and providing effective discipleship training. For those churches with a vision to plant new churches, SA will equip believers to become active members of those new church plants, ready and able to assist the leadership as they reach new communities for Christ.


Three simple questions that leave the average believer speechless

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What do you believe?
Why do you believe it?
Can you defend it?