How it Works

The practical approach for effective learning.

The construction of the Seminary Advantage program has three primary elements: First and foremost each student will experience approximately  3 1/2 hours per week of in class training by a qualified instructor as well as participating in class discussion and interaction with fellow students. In addition each student will have access to additional online resources including written materials, video and audio teachings that will complement the SA courses and bring about a more well-rounded educational experience. Last but not least, each student will have the benefit of their instructor to help guide them as they develop their discipleship groups.  

Each course is scheduled to last between four to six weeks depending on the course topic. The program is designed to be completed in one year. The Practicum Discipleship Course is the fourth course in the series. It is an ongoing discipleship model that will continue throughout the remainder of the SA course curriculum for the purpose of developing reproducing disciples. 

At the start of each course, students will receive detailed instructions on course material and expectations as well as times to meet at the SA campus training center or with the program instructors.  Communications may be facilitated through emails, texts and phone contact depending on the information disseminated. It will be beneficial for the students to have a valid email account and access to the internet online to gain the maximum benefit of the SA Program.

Each student will receive all their course curriculum work books at the beginning of the first course.  The additional online resource materials will be available to the students on the student resource page on the SA Website.

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