Getting Started

Instructor Application Process

Click Here and listen to this recorded message behind the vision of Seminary Advantage before applying as an instructor or campus host.

This is an opportunity for qualified individuals to use their gift as a teacher to instruct an train up the next generation of disciples. Your qualification as an Instructor can provide an opportunity for your church to become an Independent Host Campus. It is our desire to establish hundreds of independent campuses across the nation, providing accessible, affordable and practical theological training to everyone who desire to get equipped to do the work of the ministry. Here is your opportunity to equip and empower others. 

Becoming an Instructor for Seminary Advantage has a few requirements which are listed below. 

The process for application is as follows:
You will need to have two referrals on you behalf. One from a ministry leader the other from a friend or colleague. 

You must hold an accredited masters degree or higher in some form of biblical studies to qualify as an Instructor.

You must agree to and sign the SA Instructor Statement of Faith Agreement.

You must sign the SA Instructor Commitment Agreement.

Information regarding compensation and other requirements can be seen when you click the application form link below.

To view or fill out the SA Instructor Application Click Here to go to the application form.

Ministry Leader Reference or Personal Reference:   Click Here

Student Application Process

If you have come to the place in your life where you desire to become a more effective christian, it is our desire to train and equip you. We recognize that the average believer will not have the opportunity to attend a college or seminary because of the cost, time or logistics. This leaves little to no ability for those individuals who wish to be trained to get the training they need to be effective disciples capable of training and teaching others. It is for this reason we have developed our one year training program which we bring to you in your local church. SA allows you the opportunity to study along with other members of your church or friends in your community providing a unique and refreshing approach in your training and spiritual growth. 

Admission to Seminary Advantage’s program is open to anyone seeking theological education and training. The only requirement for the program is the completion of a high school diploma or G.E.D. program. Exceptions to this standard are made on a case-by-case basis. 

The process for application is as follows:

You must agree to and sign the SA Student Statement of Faith Agreement.

You must sign the SA Student Commitment Agreement.

Information regarding costs and other requirements can be seen by clicking the application link below.

To view or fill out the SA Student Application Click Here to go to the application form.

Once Seminary Advantage has approved your application, your student account will be created. An e-mail with log-in instructions will be sent directly to you. Please make sure to check any spam filters that may prevent reception of this email.

Host Campus Application Process

Seminary Advantage (SA) is partnering with churches and other organizations across the nation to establish independent campuses for the purpose of training up average Christians, empowering them to fulfill the role that God has given them. 

SA is seeking out Pastors and Leaders that recognize the need and have the desire to train up an equip the body of Christ for the work of the ministry.

Each campus will be a central location for the SA program to be taught, providing access to quality theological education to the local community.  

SA is designed to handle all of the tedious requirements of overhead and management so you don't have to. 


We will provide the following:

Do all the billing and collection

Provide all course materials

Provide graduates a Certificate in Practical Theology

Provide advertising materials

Provide promotional video

Communicate directly with the campus instructor

Provide all support and management for students and instructors

Maintain student transcripts for future advancement to ongoing education

Host Campus (HC) Requirements:  


HC instructor or the host campus at their choosing will receive $500 per student that completes the SA 1yr Program or $50 per student per course.

    (Payment schedule are explained at the bottom of the application page under compensation.)

HC will be responsible for providing a classroom setting for one weekly meeting for approximately 3 to 3 1/2 hrs once a week.

HC will be responsible for providing a qualified Instructor or Instructors capable of teaching the SA Curriculum. 

The Instructors will be required to fill out an Instructor Application Form. This can be viewed by clicking the Instructor Application link above.

    (SA can assist in helping finding qualified Instructors.) 

HC are expected to endorse and promote the SA Program through the leadership as well as media.

HC will determine the amount of compensation they wish to provide to their Instructor/s for teaching the SA Curriculum. 

HC agrees to uphold and enforce the SA code of conduct for both Students and Instructors.

    (SA Conduct Agreement is located at the bottom of the application page for your review.)

To view or fill out the SA Campus Host Application Click Here to go to the application form.