In order for Seminary Advantage to deliver quality theological training, S.A. has entered into strategic partnerships with publishers and institutions of theological training. Students who graduate from Seminary Advantage’s program will receive a Certificate in Practical Theology.


Mission Partner

The Timothy Initiative is an international church planting organization which was established with the purpose to train and equip (Pastors/Church Planters).

We specifically target church planters lacking the means and/or availability to receive a balanced Biblical and theological training throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Each church planter trained is expected to plant at least one multiplying and reproducing church in their region. Since 2008 we have successfully planted over 30,000 churches.

Earn College Credit

Seminary Advantage along with colleges such as Palm Beach Atlantic Univertisy, South Florida Bible College and Rocky Mountain Bible College have teamed up to bring extra value to the SA program. After a student completes the entire SA program, can receive up to 30 hours college credit toward further education.


Institutional Partner Disclosure Statement

S.A. seeks to offer a wide range of divergent evangelical theological traditions. The foundation for this view derives from the maxim, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things charity.” Therefore, S.A. does not endorse a specific doctrinal position, commonly expressed as Dispensational, Covenant, or Reformed theology, but instead recognizes that various positions inform the center of Protestant, evangelical theology. S.A. believes that students benefit from general exposure to these diverging viewpoints.

In order to accomplish this goal, S.A. has established partnerships with several curriculum publishers representing differing theological perspectives. Specifically, The Timothy Initiative provides written texts from a progressive dispensational point of view. Other materials including Third Millennium Ministries supplemental resources represents a covenant and Reformed point of view. None of these theological views should be taken to represent those of S.A., nor should the differing views represented be confused with each other. S.A. believes that the student’s particular church and pastor serve as the best guide for students in determining which view most closely reflects Holy Scripture.