We are thankful for the dedication of these faithful men of God who have stayed the course and been an encouragement to the vision and development of Seminary Advantage.

Dr. Henry Oursler, D. Min  Director, Bringing Truth to Life Senior Consultant, TightRope Communications

Reading Paul’s letters to Timothy reminds us that ministry is a high calling requiring a strong foundation. It is wise to take time to prepare. Ministry takes more than good intentions – it takes skill honed through dedicated preparation.

You must be prepared biblically, in order to understand and teach the great truths of the faith. You must be prepared practically, to be able to speak God’s message clearly, accurately and relevantly to our culture. You must be prepared passionately, demonstrating a deep abiding relationship with Jesus. And you must be prepared in your character, reflecting a godly life with healthy relationship

But for many today, it is unrealistic to pack up and move to a new city and devote three or more years to pursuing graduate studies. It is financially and logistically impossible.

That’s where Seminary Advantage comes in – and why I am sold on what they have to offer. “SA” will give you a solid foundation in Biblical truth that will equip you for the rest of your life … and you can do it in the evenings through a small group near your home. It’s economical, practical … and logistically possible. You will graduate from their program trained and skilled to minister effectively for Jesus. I encourage you to strongly consider Seminary Advantage.

Dr. Greg Kappas, Pastor, Missionary and Author / graceglobalnetwork.org, ttonline.org 

Seminary Advantage (SA) is a right on vision for just the right time in our world.  The Lord is birthing evangelical church planting movements, He is lifting up national catalytic and founding leaders, and renewing church revitalization around the globe.  Quickly there is a gap unless these leaders are developed.  SA addresses this gap and gives solid Biblical, Theological and Practical training so that we have godly thinking and living with new, existing and yet to be birthed influencers, churches and ministries. Sharpen your spiritual axe with SA.


Dr. Warren A. Gage, Th.M., J.D., Ph.D,

 Emeritus Professor of Old Testament

The Apostle Paul tells ministers to “do your best to show yourself to God as one approved…rightly handling the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15).

It seems clear from this that true accreditation comes from God and not man.  It comes when a minister seeks to study and learns how to handle well the Word of God.

 Seminary Advantage was founded by men with a vision to make an excellent and programmed theological education available to pastors, Bible teachers, and laypeople.  It is affordable and yet is designed not to compromise on the quality of education.

 In my opinion, pastoral training needs to be rethought from top to bottom.  The traditional seminary model is becoming more and more out of reach and out of touch.  Distance education offers new opportunities, but there will never be a replacement for personal mentoring in ministry.  Seminary Advantage recognizes this and is a pioneer in helping us to re-imagine what biblical education and ministry preparation can become.

 With such a vision, they will own the future.  Their accreditation will come from God.  And many of those who have a heart for ministry will be blessed by all that Seminary Advantage has to offer! 


Student Testimonials

Attending Seminary Advantage is one of the best things I could have done. The teaching here is top notch. I have learned good solid biblical teaching that I have gotten anywhere else. I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Eric G.

In the year I spent at Seminary Advantage I experienced discipleship and teaching in a way I never have before. At Seminary Advantage you will grow and be stretched in your faith. It is time well spent.

David M.

After praying for a year I was presented with the opportunity to attend Seminary Advantage. I highly recommend attending this amazing program. It's informative and I encourage everyone to attend. I experienced true one on one discipleship as well as academic growth and a deepening love of Christ.

Francisco V.

Hello, my name is Johnny D. and I have never learned so much about God, His people, and church history in any church setting as I have here. Seminary Advantage has challenged, encouraged  and equipped me to be a serious student of God's word. SA has helped me grow in my faith to the point where I can confidently evangelize my neighborhood and anyone I meet. Since attending SA my roommate and I have been leading people to Christ. I have started a bible study on Tuesday nights and have had the opportunity to teach some families the principles of hermeneutics so that they can correctly read and understand God's word. God has used SA to build me into a disciple maker and dedicated follower of Christ. I am extremely grateful for SA. Our Instructor Al Jiron is a phenomenal teacher and has strengthened my resolve, in sharing the word of God more confidently. Ultimately I know God loves me and I want to serve Him, know Him and love Him as I lay my life down before Him.

Johnny D.

Seminary Advantage is centered around a discipleship style learning process that you don't really get in a larger school setting. The class environment provided a great opportunity to develop relationships between the students and the instructor unlike that in most school settings.

Priscilla G.

Seminary Advantage has encouraged and challenged me to seek God with the intent to have a more intimate relationship with Him. My heart has been transformed through attending SA.

Crystal Y.

I came all the way from North Arkansas to West Palm Beach Florida to attend Seminary Advantage. It truly encouraged me in my faith. SA provides theological training as well as life on life discipleship. I am truly grateful for the diverse training I received from our instructor. This kind of training won't be found in the average college or seminary. Seminary Advantage, DO IT! 

Dakota M.

Hi, my name is Philip and I am 64 years old and first professed Jesus when I was 13. I went to the SA classes to support a friend who was attending, but I got more than I bargained for. Since I have been studying Gods Word for so long and went to a couple of years of Bible College, I thought I knew something, but like our instructor said, "when you are really educated, you come to realize how much you don't know". This was my case, I learned a million things I did not know, I learned HOW to find out the things I still did not know, and how to correctly study the word, and how to put together sermons and etc. etc. etc. Not enough time here to say it all but no matter how old or young you are, spending the time at SA will make the rest of your time here, more profitable for HIM. Love in Christ, Phil 

 Philip M.