What We Do and Why We Do It

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Seminary Advantage (SA) was developed to partner with the local church to provide the ability to train up and equip believers to become effective disciples and church planters. Through this 1yr comprehensive program, SA provides accessible, affordable, and practical theological education and training to the average believer equipping them for ministry. Through identifying and recruiting qualified instructors approved by SA and your church, SA will help develop believers into effective ministers equipped and eager to train and disciple others.

SA is seeking out churches across the nation to partner with to develop training centers in their communities. SA Campuses only require a room to hold classes as well as the endorsement and support of the Pastors and staff to promote this opportunity for true leadership training. We take care of all the rest.

The Benefit:

SA will provide financial support to your church for hosting a campus by providing financial support to your church based on student enrollment.

Graduates will be capable to assist in the ministry vision to impact the lives of other and help expand the impact of the ministry in both size and spiritual depth.

SA Graduates tend to actively share their faith and look for opportunities to engage with others especially in the areas of new church planting.

SA Graduates will be capable of discipling and teaching others instead of limiting that responsibility to just the church leadership or staff.

SA Graduates will be prepared to play and effective roll in new church plants as volunteers capable of assisting their pastors in training and teaching others.

SA provides accessible, affordable and practical training in a familiar and relaxed classroom environment.

SA empowers believes to defend their faith and engage with others for the purpose of discipling them so they can disciple others. II Tim 2:2

Seminary Advantage Will:

Compensate your church based on student enrollment to cover the costs associated with the SA training program.

Do all the billing and collection

Provide all course materials

Provide graduates a Certificate in Practical Theology

Provide advertising materials

Provide promotional video

Communicate directly with the campus instructor

Provide all support and management for students and instructors

Maintain student transcripts for future advancement to ongoing education

Why We Do It

We believe that the great commission should be a primary focus of every church which is to make effective disciples.

Who We Are

Seminary Advantage is a Ministry Training Program centered on equipping believers in your church to become effective disciples who can teach and disciple others.

What We Do

We partner with churches to offer the training necessary to mature the average believer into an effective minister.

We recognize that training up believers in a church where they can serve is more effective than just educating believers with knowledge. By partnering with your church we will assist you as an equipping arm of your ministry to develop believers for the work of the ministry. II Tim 2:2