Leadership Essentials

Seminary Advantage is offering the opportunity for every individual, especially those serving in some ministry role the ability to get the essential training needed for every ministry leader. 

It should be the basic qualification of any ministry leader to have the ability to disciple another believer. 

In an effort to help the local church train those who desire to serve, or if you just want to stretch your ability to be a more effective leader, we are offering three of our essential Seminary Advantage Courses.

These course can be taken by anyone at their own pace or they can be taught by your local church leadership without requiring enrollment in Seminary Advantage.

For those individuals that want training but may not want to enroll in the 1yr 10 Course SA Curriculum, this is an opportunity for you to experience quality leadership training that you can use in your local church.

.There is no enrollment required.
.Instructors are not require to hold a degree to teach the leadership essential courses.
.Individuals may purchase the leadership essentials courses and go through the material at their own pace.
.Classes offered by your local church can be taught according to their desired scheduled.
.The cost of the leadership essential course is only $200.00. 
.Qualified church instructors can register with Seminary Advantage if they wish. Qualified instructors can submit their student’s information with regards to the leadership essentials course completed. In the event that a qualified instructor has submitted the student course completion information, if that student enrolls in the SA 10 course program after completing the leadership essential courses taught by a qualified instructor the student can receive credit towards those SA course as well as a price reduction in tuition.

The three leadership essential courses include:

1. Hermeneutics: Learning the principles of Biblical Interpretation is essential for anyone who desires to teach God’s word.  In this class students will learn the historical grammatical principles of interpretation.  Furthermore, each student will practice applying these principles as they learn to exegete the scripture.
2. Homiletics: This is the class that will prepare every student to be able to structure a proper teaching outline. Students will be instructed on the elements that make up a solid introduction, body and conclusion. Also, this class focuses on public speech and will help equip everyone to stand before an audience with confidence and proper focus.    
3. Discipleship Training: During this course students will read through and study "Transforming Discipleship" by Greg Ogden. After completing this study they will enter into a Discipleship relationship with two or three other believers for the purpose of discipling them. They will use the "Discipleship Essentials" workbook as a course guideline.
Individual who purchase the Discipleship Essential Courses will also receive online log in access to the video teaching series for these 3 course. 
In addition we are offering a BONUS 10 video course on the Principles of Teaching and Preaching. This video series set will help you improve your skills in the art of preaching or teaching others. And as a ADDED BONUS you can download a FREE Bible Study Software.

Leadership Essential Courses $200.00